Renting Property in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi city is the center of all activities in Vietnam, such as economy, politics, culture, education, business, property and real estate, etc. Hanoi is the heart of the city in Vietnam, the city is located in the Red River Delta Region, and is a relatively small capital, with a population of about 3 million people a few years ago. If we look at the population and the area, Hanoi is not a crowded city like Ho Chi Minh City. More appropriately, we call Hanoi as a fascinating city; the city is thick with French culture, in the streets and open parks and house in Hanoi radiating the atmosphere of France, reminiscent of the French colonial era.

If you read the history of Vietnam’s cities, Hanoi was created in 1010. It became the seat of government of the French Indochina Union in 1888 and became the official capital of Vietnam in 1954. It depicts a mixture of old and new worlds, beautiful eastern and western cultures. In this city, there are well-preserved ancient temples and colonial French homes standing majestically and comfortably alongside modern tall buildings.

Vietnam has opened its doors to international markets; hundreds of foreign companies have built their business to Hanoi for business and investment opportunities. Various industries were developed in Hanoi, such as tourism, finance, updated agricultural techniques, crops and livestock developed with the most recent technology.

Development in Hanoi has been run across all aspects of industry, property and real estate business. To support property and real estate development Infrastructure of the city is slowly being stepped up in response to this growth. New roads continue to be built, and the public transportation system is constantly being improved.

The real estate market has been experiencing explosions for many years in Hanoi, various houses for rent in Hanoi have been developed in all districts, and one of them is the Houses for rent in Long Bien district. The excellence of property and real estate in Hanoi continues to rise; it is not surprising that Hanoi succeeded in overtaking its rival cities in Southeast Asia, and becoming stronger in the coming years.

Hanoi was different with A few years ago; there are many travelers to Vietnam, more international companies and brands popping up everywhere. However, apart from the spike in development and foreign investment, Hanoi has done a very good job in maintaining old world charm. The old world does not mean outdated, but cultural values that contain historical meaning are very beneficial to the younger generation.

Speaking about renting and buying a house in Vietnam, If you are a foreigner who plans to buy a house in Vietnam, then you need to understand the laws of buying or renting a residence in Vietnam. You need to know that the land is very valuable for the country of Vietnam. The government highly respects the existing land, therefore any foreign buyers or tenants can not own land in Vietnam, they are only allowed to buy or lease physical buildings. After the contract period or the lease runs out the building and the land becomes the right of the government.

All property and real estate agents have provided long-term lease systems for 50 years, this way, becoming an alternative for agents and property companies to attract tenants from abroad. If you are interested in renting a house in Hanoi, then you better cooperate with a responsible property and real estate company like MyHanoiHome.

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